Our Children Nutrition Programs

  • Children to acquire optimal growth and development

  • Children indicating the presence of nutritional deficiency

  • Children with dental caries

  • Children with food allergies and food intolerance

  • Kids with gadgets/screen dependency

  • Medical conditions such as Type 1 diabetes, Post surgery, Hormonal Imbalance, obesity

  • Children with ADHD, Down’s syndrome, Autism, Lactose intolerance

  • Simple customized diet charts with recipes

  • Personalized food guidance

  • Nutrition education

  • Better management of the symptoms based on the child’s condition

  • Weight, body measurements and photo tracking

  • Diet plan for every 30 days

  • Weekly follow up by our Nutritionist

Program Features

  • Research and evidence-based approach to improve a healthy lifestyle

  • Partner with our Nutritionist – Assessment of child’s psychological aspects that hinders food intake and then customizing nutrition plans for overall growth

  • Customized diet chart with recipes approved by a doctor

  • Cheat day – portion guidance

  • Do’s and don’ts guidance chart

  • Privilege access to SafeGuard Nutritionist

  • Easy and healthy recipes for every meals and snacks

  • Nutrition education for parents

  • Outcomes – Improved physical growth, immunity and healthy gut

SafeGuard Children Nutrition Program

90 day program


Program Cost: 6000
Grand Total: Client Exclusive cost 6000

60 day program


Program Cost: 4500
Grand Total: Client Exclusive cost 4500

30 day program


Program Cost: 2500
Grand Total: Client Exclusive cost 2500